About Heirloom Academy

Blending Traditional Teachings with Modern Science

At Heirloom Academy of Healing Arts, students reclaim their freedom by learning a holistic approach to healthcare that draws from nature’s origin. Students connect with a community of like-minded healers who are passionate about applying these teachings to modern medicine. Whether you aim to practice Naturopathy or care for your family’s health more naturally, you can find your place here.

The Heirloom Academy Philosophy

Heirloom Academy of Healing Arts is founded on the belief of two people, a master herbalist and a traditional naturopath, that we are at risk of forgetting, losing, or dismissing much of our ancestors’ healing practices. They are convinced that we need to look to the past to reclaim this knowledge.

Everyone is welcome to become part of this modern community of healers, to learn how teachings from natural healers fit well with modern medicine, how to use modern science to prove historical remedies, and to carry the tradition to new generations.