Thank you for applying to Heirloom Academy of Healing Arts!

Now it’s getting exciting! You’ll be on your way after you fill out our Application form and send it to us along with the $45.00 fee, which also covers your first year of student fees. We usually reply within a few business days.

Remember that if you are entering the Traditional Naturopath program, you will need to arrange to have your alma matter, college or university mail an unopened, certified transcript to Heirloom Academy of Healing Arts, P.O. Box 10, Douglas, MI 49406-0010. If there are any classes that you have taken previously, please do the same to prove that you understand that material.

Program Prerequisites

As a student of our Academy, there are prerequisites for each Program, with the exception of the Family Herbalist - Level 1 which only requires a high school diploma, GED or higher degree.

Click here to learn more about the prerequisites required for each Program.

Tuition & Fees


We offer a simple tuition structure with all modules offered at $195 per class.

Annual Fee

At Heirloom Academy, we require students to pay an annual fee of $45 to cover administrative costs. Other schools have a number of fees and charges, but we strive to keep it simple for you.

Visit our Tuition & Fees page to learn more.

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