Maggie Conklin

Maggie Conklin


Maven of Heirloom Academy

Maggie grew up in Saugatuck, Michigan, where she lives today. She only moved away to go to college in St. Louis, Missouri where she graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a B.A. degree. After graduation she worked for two years managing the oldest health food store in St. Louis. While there she worked closely with an ND and soon realized that she had a calling to work as an ND herself.

Health Knowledge

She then moved back home to Michigan where she met her husband Ron and worked for twenty two years at a company that imports and distributes vitamin, herb, and nutraceutical raw materials to vitamin manufacturers throughout North America. In this position she worked closely with hundreds of supplement manufacturers and has visited dozens of these companies, and she uses this knowledge to select the highest quality supplements offered in her office. During this time she read daily reports from around the world on the most recent science about these products, and many people started coming to her with their natural health questions because of her wide knowledge. Reading innovative science is still part of her daily regimen.

Following Dreams

Once their youngest son graduated from college Maggie found that she had “empty nest syndrome” with both extra time and extra funds on her hands. Remembering her desire to become an ND she finally did so, partly so that she could put that diploma behind her already large repertoire of natural health knowledge, and mostly because it called to her soul. She could honestly say that she fully understood nutritional supplements from beginning to end, from manufacturing to how they affected the human body.

Ladyhawk Nutrition

Maggie owns her own practice, LadyHawk Nutrition LLC in Saugatuck, Michigan, where she enjoys enlightening clients about their own health and nutrition, and especially likes watching each person’s journey towards health. In this practice she uses nutritional therapies, muscle testing, iridology, tongue assessment, and other modalities to find the causes of disease and then offer her clients options to address those causes. In this way they are able to remove the sources of disease and allow the body to heal.

She also leads impromptu and informal “herb walks” when the Michigan weather allows. Maggie is just as comfortable teaching one-on-one as she is in a small group or in front of a crowd of hundreds. The end results are the same; she teaches others and they in turn teach her. Every interaction is a learning opportunity.

The Beginning of Heirloom Academy

Frustrated with being able to help only one person or one family at a time, she leapt at the offer from Darryl Patton to help him start a school of natural health. She is comforted by the number of people who can acquire the secrets of nature and healing from Heirloom Academy of Healing Arts, and how they in turn will spread that knowledge around the world.