Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do Heirloom online courses work?

A: The online classes are available through Moodlerooms, one of the premier online class and testing software companies, used by the most prestigious colleges in the world. Once you pay for your class, Heirloom will send you the information you need to log into that class as well as the book or books you need to order to take the class. The module will guide you through readings and progress tests, and many modules have essays, projects, and a final exam.

Q: Can I just take one course?

A: Yes. However, there is a $45 annual fee that each student pays no matter how many classes they take.

Q: What does the $45 annual fee cover?

A: The annual fee provides each student with a monthly emailed magazine filled with herbal pearls of wisdom, student and alumni updates, student group news, upcoming conferences and gatherings, as well as information on the latest clinical information on herbs and nutraceuticals from around the world.

Q: What certifications do you offer?

A: We offer four certifications at this time: Traditional Naturopath, Family Herbalist 1, Consulting Herbalist 2, and Master Herbalist 3.

Q: What does certification mean?

A: Once a student completes the Traditional Naturopath program they are encouraged to take the national certification exam from the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board, ANMCB, or from a similar organization in your country if you live outside the United States. An Herbalist I certificate means that you know enough about herbs to use them confidently within your family. An Herbalist II certificate provides you with proof of your knowledge and experience to teach clients about herbal remedies, and an Herbalist 3 certificate holder should be able to recognize, know the common and Latin names of, and know multiple uses for over 300 herbs.

Visit the ANMCB website for more information regarding the differences between being certified versus licensed.

Q: What can I do with certification?

A: Since each U.S. State has different laws regarding natural health practices you will have to research what is available and allowed in your state. You can find a current list of Naturopathic state laws on the ANMA website here: https://www.anma.org/legislation

Q: How do I get started on a program?

A: Call or email Heirloom Academy and confer with your student advisor. They will confirm your prior level of schooling and experience and guide you through the steps of starting on either the Family Herbalist 1 program or the Traditional Naturopath program. Once your credentials are accepted and your first class and annual fee are paid, you will be sent the first module and you’re on your way.

Q: Do you offer live support?

A: Our office hours are 9:00 am - 5:30 pm EST. You are welcome and encouraged to contact us by phone or email and we will do our best to answer all of your questions within a timely fashion. Please give us up to 48 business hours to respond to your emailed questions; however, it rarely takes that much time.

Q: How can I write a review of the course?

A: Moodlerooms has an easy area that encourages course review. We learn from you also, and we continually update our classes to best meet our students’ needs.

​Is Heirloom Academy accredited?

​A school that is accredited by an organization meets the strict criteria of the organization. Heirloom Academy of Healing Arts is fully accredited by the ANMAB, or American Naturopathic Medical Accreditation Board. What does that mean for our students? It confirms that they are enrolled in a college with high academic standards, as well as educational effectiveness and excellence. Go to https://www.anmab.org for more information.

It also means that our Naturopathic and Herbalist III graduates can take the ANMCB board exams and become nationally certified. See http://anmcb.org/ for all of the benefits gained through this certification.

Q: What if I’ve already taken the same class from another institution?

A: You are encouraged to have that institution send us your transcript and the course description, and if it is deemed comparable you will be given a “pass” and not have to take it again through Heirloom Academy.

Q: Is there a time limit on completing the course?

A: Yes, one year from the date it was paid.

Q: What if I need help understanding the coursework?

A: Please don’t hesitate to call or email your student advisor with any questions. More complicated questions might even score a return call from Darryl Patton or Maggie Conklin, depending on the module.

Q: Is Heirloom Academy a state-recognized school?

A: Yes. We are licensed by the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs as a proprietary school, License #8604001255.

Q: Who are the advisors?

A: Darryl Patton and Maggie Conklin are the primary advisors, and there are a number of other professional student advisors. Many of them have degrees from other colleges and universities, and are either currently taking classes from HAHA or are graduates of the program.