Consulting Herbalist – Level 2

Program Overview

This program provides education for the student who works with herbs in a variety of settings. All courses in the Family Herbalist program are prerequisites. This level is a prerequisite for Master Herbalist - Level 3.

Program Objectives

This program provides you with an expanded knowledge of herbalism; pharmacognasy and plant chemistry; therapeutic and intermediate herbology; biology; anatomy and physiology; toxicology and pharmacology; and flower essences.

You will enhance your skills critical in the client-practitioner relationship.

Module Fees:

11 classes at $195.00 = $2,145.00


  • H2-300 – Biology
  • H2-305 – Anatomy and Physiology
  • H2-310 – History of Western Herbalism
  • H2-320 – Pharmacognosy and Plant Chemistry
  • H2-330 – Herbology II
  • H2-340 – Phytotherapy I
  • H2-420 – Herbology III
  • H2-430 – Toxicology and Pharmacology
  • H2-440 – Flower Essences
  • 2 Elective Classes

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