We offer a wide array of elective modules you can choose from to supplement your chosen program.

  • ELE-202 Fundamentals of Holistic Nutrition II
  • ELE-205 Elements of Holistic Nutrition: Enzymes, Antioxidants, Phytonutrients.
  • ELE-235 Herbs for Companion Animals
  • ELE-310 Dietary Influences on Disease
  • ELE-315 Sustainable Living
  • ELE-400 Nutritional Therapies
  • ELE-465 Homeopathy for Companion Animals
  • ELE-520 Alternative Approaches to Arthritis
  • ELE-530 Holistic Approaches for Compulsive Eating and Addiction
  • ELE-545 Fibromyalgia: Journey toward Healing
  • ELE-555 Pediatric Nutrition


Each elective costs $195.00.

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