Family Herbalist - Level 1

Program Overview

This program provides education for the student who wants to use herbs to improve family health. It is a pre-requisite for higher certification levels.

Program Objectives

This program will introduce you to home remedies and simples; basic nutrition; general herbology; growing and gathering herbs; women’s health; aromatherapy; children’s health; aging and longevity; and therapeutic nutrition.

You will learn skills critical in the client-practitioner relationship, even if that relationship is with a family member.

Program includes personal access to professors in a mentor-apprentice relationship, invitations to workshops, classes, and plant walks, and membership to local student groups.


To be accepted into the Family Herbalist I Program, you need a high school diploma, GED, or higher degree. You must send proof of completion to the academy as part of your enrollment process. This can be a copy of your diploma.

You also will need to arrange for your college(s) or university(ies) to mail a certified, unopened transcript to Heirloom Academy of Healing Arts, P.O. Box 10, Douglas, MI 49406-0010.

Module Fees:

11 classes at $195.00 = $2,145.00

EC-101 English Composition, if deemed necessary: $195.00


  • EC-101 – English Composition (If needed)
  • H1-120 – Herbal Home Remedies
  • H1-130 – Herbology I
  • H1-140 – Growing and Gathering Herbs
  • H1-200 – Fundamentals of Holistic Nutrition
  • H1-210 – Women’s Health
  • H1-220 – Aromatherapy
  • H1-230 – Children’s Health
  • H1-240 – Aging and Longevity
  • H1-250 – Therapeutic Nutrition
  • 1 Elective Class

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