Master Herbalist – Level 3

Program Overview

This program provides education for the student who wants in-depth learning and practical experience that prepares for work as a consultant, educator, or private practitioner. All Courses in the Family and Consulting Herbalist programs are prerequisite.

Program Objectives

This Program provides you with an expanded knowledge of herbalism and phytotherapy; Ayurvedic herbal medicine; Chinese herbal medicine; Native American ethnobotany; and plant identification.

You will learn nurturing practitioner skills in building and maintaining a consulting practice, enhance skills critical in the client-practitioner relationship, and develop practice skills for the herbalist.

Module Fees:

11 classes (including Practicum) at $195.00 = $2,145.00


  • H3-510 – Phytotherapy II
  • H3-520 – Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine
  • H3-530 – Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • H3-544 – Native American Ethnobotany
  • H3-550 – Plant Identification
  • 2 Elective Classes
  • H3-520 – Building and Maintaining a Consulting Practice
  • H3-530 – The Client-Practitioner Relationship
  • H3-550 – Ethics for the Practicing Herbalist
  • H3-560 – The Herbal Practicum 1

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